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Stranded on an obscure planet, you play as the mother as she flies through an abandoned city in search of her lost children. Motivated not only by her love for them, but their pack together; which is a force of power that fuels their ship and will allow them to return home.

Together is an atmospheric short that was made within 48 hours during the Quarantine Game Jam.


The objective of the game is to search and gather your three children. Once, you are all together again as a pack, you can enter the ship and return home. 


W,A,S,D : To fly around   Mouse: To look around

(PS4 Controllers are supported)

If you wanna follow our process, here are our streams:

Day 1 : 

Day 2:

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AuthorMad Mushroom Games
Tags3D, ambient, Atmospheric, chill, Experimental, Flying, Relaxing, Sci-fi, Short, weird


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I like the atmosphere, and flying around feels pretty good. The orange color palette also gives the abandoned city an eerie other-worldly feel, which fits with what the children are scared of.

I wish there was more to it though. I understand that an atmospheric game like this doesn't need much in terms of mechanics, but it might have been better to push the visual and audio effects further to compensate. For example, you don't need an animated character, you can have a ball of light with a neat particle effect, similar to the "children" (or even made it first person). This would have saved time to do different weather effects (perhaps the sky gets lighter or darker based on how many children you find), changes in music, having the children move and cry out, nicer text transitions (instead of just having it appear spontaneously, make it fade or get typed out for more dramatic effect), etc.

Basically make sure you know what are the most important elements of your game and what mood you want to convey and get rid of anything that takes time away from making those elements awesome.

Woah -  such a great though put behind this game... I wish it was longer. Great job, you nailed it!

thank you ramba!